Tricks For Preventing Injuries On Moving Day

Tricks For Preventing Injuries On Moving Day

Many obstacles lie between the idea of starting afresh and accomplishing to do so. Before you are all set to start your life in a new home, you need to overcome the difficulties that come with extensive preparations. As the moving day approaches, certain indispensable precautions should take place, for many accidents are lurking behind the corner. Much worse, even small innocent mistakes can lead to a serious injury. This can completely ruin your moving day. To avoid this, there should be no place for scepticism. You should insist on absolute safety by learning a couple of tricks for preventing injuries on moving day.

How to prevent injuries on moving day

When it comes to your safety, there is not much difference between a local and an interstate move. Whether you wish to have a smooth local move with a man and van relocation company or are planning on moving from the US safely and stress-free, you need to organise it adequately. It’s not only about how to perfectly pack and protect your belongings, but it’s also about protecting yourself. In most cases, the proper approach is the only way to avoid any injury. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to learn how to do it. Here is a couple of important pieces of advice you should always keep in mind.

You will need help

No relocation is a single person campaign. As one of the best things you can do, both desirable and necessary, is to get appropriate help. In some cases, you can ask your friends to give you a hand. In other instances, you will need a professional moving company. It all depends on the distance and the number of your belongings. But, as weight is a crucial element in this, you will notice it’s always best to handle it with a team of people. Having help while dealing with heavy items and, what seems like endless bending and carrying, will significantly decrease the risk of injury.

Hire a moving company to prevent injuries on moving day

As it often shows, man and van teams might be the only way to be sure you won’t injure yourself during the move. Since professionals know the way to approach any kind of relocation, you can expect maximum efficiency. The hassle you will experience is marginal, since, and this is the best part, you are not participating in any lifting. Not only this will save you from potential injuries, but it’s will also save you valuable time. Let them do their job while you are concentrating on other important matters. Moreover, they are an excellent solution if you need to move in a hurry or suffer from some previous injury. Besides moving, they can help you with packing and other specialised services.

Overestimating yourself is the path to injury

Do yourself a favour by not overestimating your capabilities. People often don’t realize their limits or are not ready to admit they have any. While it’s understandable, it can be quite dangerous. Lifting more than you can handle can lead to some serious injury, such as a pulled muscle or even an abdominal hernia. It’s better to swallow some ego than risk going through surgery and a long recovery. Also, don’t take any chances if you have some old injury. Instead, consider letting a professional man and van moving company help you with all the heavy lifting.

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Take enough time to prepare

Rushing through your relocation only to get it done as fast as possible is a serious mistake. You should take enough time to prepare everything. Carefully develop your plans, consider various possibilities, outcomes, and gear, and always have a plan B ready. Haste is always accompanied by mistakes which, in this case, can get you hurt. If you don’t have a certain piece of equipment or tool ready, stop, take a break, and consider what to do. Don’t blindly push to get it over with because you will most likely unintentionally injure yourself.

Keep everything organised

Speaking of tools, having the proper equipment and enough space to manoeuvre is also essential for an injury-free moving day. First of all, you should make a complete inventory list to figure out what kind of supplies you will need. If you have some large furniture pieces, you will need the right packing materials to get them ready. You also need to take measurements of your old and new home to see if the furniture will pass through doors and hallways. Maybe you will need to do disassemble some removable parts so you will need appropriate tools to do so. The point is, you have to plan and organise in advance so you don’t find yourself in a tricky situation.

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Don’t forget the box weight

The fact is, it’s not about stuffing all your boxes with items until they are full. Of course, you should use boxes of different sizes, but try to limit the weight of each box. Remember, someone will have to carry those boxes around and if it’s you, you risk injury to your back or knees. Also, the box may break in a split second because of the weight, and it can either damage your belongings or harm you. Even if the box is large, bear in mind that it’s designed to carry many lighter items, not heavy ones. Heavy items should be placed in separate boxes, followed by lighter items to fill the space.

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Our wrists and fingers are very delicate.


Use appropriate equipment

This equipment is not designed only to help you carry heavy items, but to protect you as well. Some of the basic supplies you will need to pack and handle your items are:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes of various sizes

  • Packing tape or duct tape

  • Ropes and lifting straps

  • Different kinds of wrapping materials and protective blankets

  • Scissors, cutters, and a measuring tape

  • Dollies, gliders, and lifters

  • Protective gloves, shoes, sometimes even glasses, and other weather-appropriate clothing

Make sure you have everything ready before the moving day arrives. You can gather them by yourself, or you can hire a man and van moving company to deal with packing and moving instead of you. The important thing is to avoid improvisation if you lack any resources. While it can be a smart solution sometimes, more often than not, it can lead to injury.

Stretch and follow proper lifting techniques

Keep your entire body ready by doing some stretching before any physical activity. Follow the advice of experienced movers who know what it takes to have a successful move without any injuries:

  • Lift with your legs instead of with your back

  • Avoid bending your back

  • Don’t lift in awkward positions

  • Stand firmly before lifting anything

  • Don’t lift heavy items high above your head

  • Keep items close while carrying

  • Don’t twist your ankles

  • Take smaller steps

  • Push heavy items instead of pulling them

Another important piece of advice is that you shouldn’t forget to take breaks. Eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Staying safe is your priority and paying attention to these details is the only way of preventing injuries on moving day.


Tricks For Preventing Injuries On Moving Day

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