Tips For Relocating Plants and Artwork

Tips For Relocating Plants and Artwork

Relocations can be somewhat of a bother. Even the things that don’t seem so complicated at first could end up wrecking your moving experience. This is why it’s really important to organise every detail as much as you can and to try to predict anything that might go wrong. Planning will surely help you have an easier and smoother transition. When it comes to relocating your items, there isn’t much that can go horribly wrong. However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, either. There are some things that are more fragile or pricey which you’ll need to pay more attention to. This is why we’re here to go through some tips for relocating plants and artwork with you.

What you should take into account when relocating plants and artwork

Moving plants and artwork isn’t so easy, and there’s so much that can get out of hand. There are some factors that you can consider paying greater attention to.

  • Size
    Almost every step that you’ll make will be predetermined by the size of your items. Having a rough estimate of how much space they’ll take up will decide what your overall price will be.
  • Fragility
    It takes a lot of attention and patience to relocate plants and artwork. With outstanding quality often comes fragility and with it – value. Since you surely don’t want to be spending more than you have to, pay attention to which one of your pieces you need to show some additional love.
  • Quantity
    The number of plants and artwork that you’re moving will also be a huge factor when deciding what to do next. You might even get a discount if the number is really high. Ask your man & van service about that to see.


A white 10-foot steel measuring tape

Having even a rough estimate of the size of your plants and paintings will make it much easier for your man and van companies to inform you about the price.


It’s important to address all of these before you’ve determined what your budget will be. Making a decision to spend more than you may have thought isn’t the greatest, but it’s necessary at times. What’s more, knowing where you stand regarding these particulars will make things so much easier for your man and van company. This way, they’ll know exactly what to expect and will be less likely to overcharge you due to misunderstandings. You could even expect to get a better man and van quotes for being well prepared.

Hiring help

Besides the best moving tips, the van and man moving company of your choice can help you with so much more. Hiring someone that you trust can really get you a long way. It’s best to choose companies that are well established and experienced enough in order for you to feel safe when handing them over your plants and artwork that need relocating.

Insuring the plants and artwork you’re relocating

Even though you trust your man and van company, accidents can still happen. This is why it’s important to have all your valuable items insured. Doing so will not only guarantee reimbursement for anything that might get ruined or misplaced, but it’ll also help you stay calm.

How to pack

Knowing how to properly pack when relocating plants and artwork is of the utmost importance. You cannot just randomly throw everything in boxes and call it a day.


The materials you’ll be using can greatly impact whether your plants and artwork will be relocated safely and in which condition they’ll arrive. Going the distance in order to find a suitable package will pay off immensely afterwards. Keep in mind that the materials you’re using for packing aren’t only the outside layers and boxes. Consider purchasing some bubble pack or just crumbling up some newspapers in order to protect any hollow bits that might be fragile and exposed.


Scissors, tape and some bubble pack.

Using tape for your paintings or bubble pack for the vases and pots will reduce the chances of anything getting wrecked along the way.



How you’ll pack everything when moving plants and artwork might be even more important than the materials you’ll be using. Some things to pay extra attention to are:

  1. Mark the upside so that your movers know how to handle your packages.
  2. Protect the corners of your painting’s frames. Do this especially if your frames are valuable and fragile.
  3. Make sure that your plants are getting as much air and sunlight as possible. You could also signify that you need these moved faster than the rest of your belongings. If you’re planning on storing your plants for a while, make sure to either water and take care of them yourself, or have someone do it for you.
  4. If your artwork isn’t covered with glass, make sure to use something in order to protect the canvas.
  5. Move your plants to vases or pots that are less expensive and just have them delivered separately.
  6. Make sure to protect the bottom of your boxes with an extra layer.

Moving to a completely different climate

You could do everything right and move across the ocean with ease only to discover that your plants cannot survive the new climate you’re in. Even when you’ve taken everything into consideration, things like this can happen. In this case, you can either hope for the best, sell, or just simply give your plants away to your family, friends or neighbours before your move.


Having even a rough estimate of the size of your plants and paintings will make it much easier for your man and van companies to inform you about the price.

Sometimes moving your plants and artwork isn’t possible so you just need to sell them before you move.


Pro tip

When relocating your plants and artwork, take some of the soil you use for the plants with you. In case you’re not able to find the exact match right after your relocation, you’ll want to have a backup with you.

Finding a place for your plants and artwork once you’ve relocated

Once relocating plants and artwork is over, don’t completely relax just yet! Yes, you’ve finished the hardest part. However, you still need to take care of the pieces that you own, even if they’re stationary. This, of course, mostly applies to your plants. When it comes to artwork, just make sure not to have it exposed to direct sunlight because it could fade that way.


Tips For Relocating Plants and Artwork

Does your upcoming move entail relocating plants and artwork as well? Although it sounds like a bit of a bother, you’ll be able to do it with these tips.



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